Operation Paperstorm

The internet gathering Anonymous is starting a new Operation: Paperstorm. The goal is to distribute the message on the street using paper. This event is taking place on december 18th, the same day as another initiative called Operation Black Face, where “People around the internet would display a black profile pic across the major social networking websites to protest against the state’s hostility against whistle blowers”.

The event was announced on twitter by Anon_Leakspin with the following statement:

“TAKE YOUR MASK AND RUN http://goo.gl/0B30r || OPERATION PAPER STORM goo.gl/5AhB9 #Leakspin #paperstorm #Wikileaks#payback”

Printer Friendly Operation Paperstorm Flyer

Accompanied with this picture:

This is the official flyer:

It’s time to hit them in their own world.
Spread the information to everyone in all places.
They can no longer stand or lie to us.
Run, run and run, spread it in your city, town or street!
And together, we shall give them a Christmas that shall never, ever be forgot.

December 18th

Step1: Print a logo, manifest or whatever you want to be visible and striking.

Step2: Use the darkness, you are invisible.

Step3: Race through the streets and distributes your message.

Step4: Forget previous steps (just ideas).

Step5: IMPROV!

Channel: #OperationPaperstorm

We are anonymous.
We are legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.

The Flyer is availabile in Spanish and Russian, too. Click to view. Spread the word!


Promotion Video with good ideas

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