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So what happened? Here is the short version. August, 2009. Julian Assange (39) meets Anna Ardin (31) she offers him to stay at her place. They had dinner, went back to the flat and had sex. A condom ripped. Anna Ardin had a party the next day and twittered that she is together with “the world’s coolest smartest people, it’s amazing!” (censored now by Ardin). Link to Anna Ardins Twitter Account.

Julian Assange visited a seminar in Stockholm. The civil servant Sofia Wilén (20+) drove all the way to Stockholm to see Assange because she admires Assange (Police protocol). Assange went out for dinner, Sofia Wilén asked if she can join him. They went to Anna Ardins Party, mentioned above. After the party they agreed to drive to Wiléns flat 40 kilometer away in Enköping. She paid for the tickets, because Assange was afraid to lay tracks. They had sex with a condom, the next morning without. They had breakfast together and Assange went back to Stockholm. Wilén told the police later that she was “distracted” because Assange refused to use a condom the second time.

A couple of days later after Enköping: Wilén called Ardin in Stockholm and told her she had unprotected sex with Assange. Ardin said similar things happened to her. Both agreed to sue Assange.

How are Ardin and Wilén related? Their SMS texts to each other show a plan to contact the Swedish newspaper Expressen beforehand in order to maximise the damage to Assange. They belong to the same political group and attended a public lecture given by Assange and organised by them. Source:

Ardin posted in her blog an article “7 Steps to Legal Revenge” on 19th January 2010. She censored the posting in her blog later, even though she writes now “Nothing is removed or hidden or altered”. Another lie. Read Anna Ardins Blog Post

Anna Ardin Video:

Here is the part of her blog post she deleted after the whole thing went public. It’s in swedish and translated into english:

Steg 1 / Step 1

Tänk igenom väldigt noga om du verkligen ska hämnas.

Consider very carefully if you really must take revenge.

Det är nästan alltid bättre att förlåta än att hämnas

It is almost always better to forgive than to avenge

Steg 2 / Step 2

Tänk igenom varför du ska hämnas. Think about why you want revenge. Du behöver alltså inte bara vara på det klara med vem du ska hämnas på utan också varför. Hämnd ska aldrig riktas mot bara en person, utan även möta en viss handling.

You need to be clear about who to take revenge on, as well as why. Revenge is never directed against only one person, but also the actions of the person.

Steg 3 / Step 3


The principle of proportionality.

Kom ihåg att hämnden inte bara ska matcha dådet i storlek utan även i art.

Remember that revenge will not only match the deed in size but also in nature.

En bra hämnd är kopplad till det som gjorts mot dig.

A good revenge is linked to what has been done against you.

Om du till exempel vill hämnas på någon som varit otrogen eller som dumpat dig, så bör straffet ha något med dejting/sex/trohet att göra.

For example if you want revenge on someone who cheated or who dumped you, you should use a punishment with dating/sex/fidelity involved.

Steg 4 / Step 4

Gör en brainstorm kring lämpliga åtgärder för kategorin av hämnd du är ute efter. För att fortsätta exemplet ovan så kan du paja ditt offers nuvarande relation, fixa så att dennes nye partner är otrogen eller se till att han får en galning efter sig.

Do a brainstorm of appropriate measures for the category of revenge you’re after. To continue the example above, you can sabotage your victim’s current relationship, such as getting his new partner to be unfaithful or ensure that he gets a madman after him.

Använd din fantasi!

Use your imagination!

Steg 5 / Step 5

Tänk ut hur du kan hämnas systematiskt.

Figure out how you can systematically take revenge.

Kanske kan en serie brev och foton som får den nya att tro att ni ännu ses bättre än bara en stor lögn vid ett enstaka tillfälle?

Send your victim a series of letters and photographs that make your victim’s new partner believe that you are still together which is better than to tell just one big lie on one single occasion

Steg 6 / Step 6

Ranka dina systematiska hämndscheman från låg till hög i termer av troligt lyckat genomförande, krävd insats från dig samt grad av tillfredsställelse om du lyckas.

Rank your systematic revenge schemes from low to high in terms of likely success, required input from you, and degree of satisfaction when you succeed.

Den ideala hämnden ligger givetvis så högt som möjligt i dessa staplar, men ofta kan en ökad insats av arbete och kapital ge säkrare output för de andra två, egentligen viktigare parametrarna.

The ideal, of course, is a revenge as strong as possible but this requires a lot of hard work and effort for it to turn out exactly as you want it to.

Step 7 / Step 7

Skrid till verket. Get to work. Och kom ihåg vilket ditt mål är medan du opererar, se till att ditt offer får lida på samma sätt som han fick dig att lida.

And remember what your goals are while you are operating, ensure that your victim will suffer the same way as he made you suffer.

Responses to her readers comments are fun to read, too:

Mik (Reader): “How can you claim to be a Christian when you are so obsessed with revenge? This is not the only mention of it in works you published on the Internet.”

Adrins Answer: As a matter of fact it is the only mention. Even though I right now have kind of a strong feeling of punching you in the face [...]

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My personal opinion and some basic psychology about the two girls:

Julian Assange hurt her feelings, she was angry about it and decided to take revenge on him. The main problem now is that she would never withdraw little lie, because she is responsible now for a huge thing and the whole world would hate her if she confesses. She puts herself in a pretty bad position, even if she regrets her lie by now. In order to protect herself, she would never ever admit that she lied.

The bottom line: Don’t sleep with feminists, and if you are drunk and do it anyway… Don’t sleep with her feminist girlfriend and hurt her. These girls think they are smart and know how to use Google to find funny stuff about Revenge. Another bad thing: They know feminist state attorneys.

I don’t think US authorities are behind all of this, just too many cute feminists who made some bad decisions. Just found this article:

Revealed: Assange ‘rape’ accuser linked to notorious CIA operative

One of the women accusing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange of sex crimes appears to have worked with a group that has connections to the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Source:

Damn! Now things get ugly and more interesting. I’ll keep you up to date!

Her latest twitter posts were translated by as:

CIA agent, rabid feminist / Muslim lover, a Christian fundamentalist, flat & fatally in love with a man, can you even be all the time?

Read the full story here:

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